What’s New

A tidy ending : a novel
A hundred other girls : a novel
A gift for Nana
All good people here : a novel
A place in the world : finding the meaning of home
Anne of West Philly : a modern graphic retelling of Anne of Green Gables
A prayer for our country : words to unite and inspire hope
A Lark's tale : a Regency cozy
The captive kingdom
The housekeeper : a novel
Widowland : a novel
Blackout : a thriller
To change a planet
Girl, forgotten : a novel
Dark objects : a novel
The challenge : a novel
A darkness at the door
I remember you : a thriller
The Florence legacy : a novel
Please join us : a novel
The last housewife : a novel
The perfect neighborhood : a novel
The floating girls : a novel
The American roommate experiment : a novel
Who was a daring pioneer of the skies? Amelia Earhart : Amelia Earhart
Valentina Salazar is not a monster hunter
The orphans of Mersea House : a novel
Juniper & Thorn : a novel
Mika in real life : a novel
Secrets in the Palazzo : a novel
When I was her daughter : a memoir
Carrie Soto is back : a novel
Where the sky begins : a novel
A venom dark and sweet
Rebel with a clause : tales and tips from a roving grammarian
Glacier's edge : a novel
The librarian spy : a novel of World War II
The many daughters of Afong Moy : a novel
The Half Life of Valery K : a novel
The opera sisters : based on a true story
I want to be mad for a while!
Stand up! : ten mighty women who made a change
A world without princes
Almost there : a twisted tale
Governor Fob James of Alabama : making headway on Constitutional Rights, 1979 -1980, a legal adviser's perspective
By her own design : a novel of Ann Lowe, fashion designer to the social register
The sewing girl's tale : a story of crime and consequences in revolutionary America
One turtle's last straw : the real-life rescue that sparked a sea change
Dare to lead like a girl : how to survive and thrive in the corporate jungle